About Us


In 23 years, this group has published more than 31 books.

And we continue to work toward publication with five books being read and critiqued right now 

The four  critiqued in in 2017-18 are in print now as of 2019.


Early in 2019, we held a joint Meet the Authors and Buy a Book! There were seven of us and the theme was:  "Seven local writers; 10 great books!"  It was a great success!


The South Bay Writers Workshop, now in its 23rd year, meets every Thursday from noon to 2 p.m. at the Redondo Beach Senior Center in Veteran's Park.  

Our group is composed of published and working-towards-publication writers.    

We are grateful to the Redondo Beach Senior Center for hosting us despite the fact that not all of us are seniors.


You're invited to -

*  Join fellow writers to share your work and get useful criticism.

*  Hear constructive comments from our supportive group

*  Enjoy a learning experience with professional help.


Recently published by Workshop writers:

On Writing

On Writing

The secret is, attention first to gain

To move our minds and then to entertain

That from the very opening of the scenes

The first may show us what the author means.

Write not what cannot be with ease conceived

Some truths may be too strong to be believed.

Make not your tale of accidents too full

Too much variety will make it dull

- Nicolas Boileua 


309 Catalina, Redondo Beach, California, United States